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Hair Salon Cambridge
Hair Salon Cambridge
Hair Salon Cambridge
Hair Salon Cambridge
Hair Salon Cambridge
Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge

Men's Corner

The Overhaul

Enjoy a full Haircut, Colour or Highlights, Facial Hair Sculpting, Hot Neck, Hair and Scalp Treatment and Men's Manicure and Pedicure (deduct $12 if no beard)  3 hrs

Lift Kit

Our version of a pick me up: Hot Neck and Scalp Treatment, Manicure and Full Haircut

Top Coat

Colour or Highlights to tone down grey or to create shine to the hair along with a Full Haircut 1.5 hrs

Washin and a Buzzin

Express Haircut with a Wash

Tune Up

Side burns, Neck clean up and Brow wax

Hair Tattooing and Clipper Design


1. Fabulous hair
Nothing defines your image like your hair. A woman can evaluate your entire style with one glance at your hair. For the perfect easy summer hair, try our new "Drive Her Wild" product, Alternator. It will give you a flexible, carefree look that's just what she's looking for too.

2. A dapper jacket
A man who knows how to dress knows how to get the girl. It's easy to let your style go lax in the heat; but don't shy away from clothes with structure and class. A lightweight linen or seersucker jacket drips with dapper style while perfectly framing your shoulders for a look she can't resist.

3. A rad car
Sure a car gets you from point A to point B; but it's a bold statement piece as well. Check out our list of fuel-efficient and stylish cars for one that suits your image.

4. A signature scent
Women instantly make connections to smell. Find a light, spicy, memorable scent and she won't be able to forget you.

5. Great jeans
Jeans can be a tricky purchase for men, but women notice a good pair of jeans right away. She'll notice if you're able to shop for yourself, so choose a pair of jeans that fits you properly. Be willing to spend money on a well-made pair, and pay close attention to the fit throughout the hips and thighs for a cut made to show you know what your'e doing.

6. An expert skill
Whether it's handiwork around her house or the perfect pancakes in the morning, women can't resist an expert skill. Showcase your talents! And while you're at it, take the summer to learn a new skill. It never hurts to learn new tricks.

7. Designer shoes
No argument--ladies notice shoes. Don't skimp on your footwear if you want to show her you've got style and class.

8. A romantic side
All women love to be wooed, especially when they're hoping for a great summer romance. Try packing a picnic or making a candlelit dinner to show off your softer, more romantic side.

9. The perfect tee
The perfect tee will help you look your best, trim and cut. Not only will she notice the fit, you will exude confidence--and she'll notice that too.

10. A winning smile
You can always win her over with a great smile. Wipe that serious look off of your face and have some fun! And just to be safe, treat yourself to some whitening strips for a smile that shines bright against a summer tan.

Sure Thik Hair Fibers

Hair thickening fibers are available in virtually every hair color. For your convenience we offer two different sizes, a travel size and an economy size. Surethik hair building fibers are rain, wind, sweat proof, and are made from all natural organic ingredients so they are absolutely safe for daily use.

Sure Thik Shampoo

SureThik Shampoo incorporates all of the most effective all-natural hair regrowth ingredients in the world. Don't suffer with the unnecessary embarrassment of hair loss any longer, get your surethik shampoo today and say goodbye to the appearance of hair loss forever.

American Crew

American Crew continues to lead the way in the men's grooming business. With a passionate commitment to men's grooming, our purpose is to bring men into salons, provide them with a great new experience and show them new ways of incorporating style into their everyday lives.

Many neighborhood barbers disappeared during the '80s and '90s and were replaced with salons catering primarily to women.
But times have changed, and men are back...

American Crew recognizes the growing number of men that are concerned with their appearance and who want to look their very best. This trend of image-conscious men spans all ages and backgrounds.

American Crew Alternator

Precision Blend

The American Crew Precision Blend System provides not only a product that allows you to naturally blend away clients gray, but a technical approach and specific tools designed to match his hair type and desired final look. The technical approach and product application will determine the amount of gray blended and resulting final look. For more information on the Precision Blend techniques

Features and Benefits:

• Lasts 4-6 weeks (24 shampoos)
• Easy to use and apply
• Fades to-tone with no brassiness
• 5 minute application with natural results
• No line of demarcation



Matte is the ultimate in masculinity. If shine screams, “look at me”, matte leans in closely and says, “here I am”. From vulcanized rubber watchstraps to brushed steel cufflinks, the trend has even caught the eye of luxury car companies with the Ferrari F430 hitting the streets with a “flat black” finish and the Rolls Royce Ghost with a gunmetal grey hood. It’s all about the confidence of presence, and nothing is more masculine than that.

There is something completely disarming about a man who looks like he isn’t trying. A bit of chrome on your car or bike is nice enough, but take it too far and you run the risk of looking like a modern day Liberace. After all, shine is all about wanting people to look at you, and matte is more about having the self-confidence to know that they will.

American Crew is bringing the trend to hair with our new product, Ultramatte. A medium hold no shine fixative that creates strong defined looks with zero pose and tons of presence. Or should we say man’s secret weapon for getting through the day with style and character?

Because sometimes, the best way to shine is not to.


You've heard the joke: "Men: can’t live with them, can’t poison their coffee." Women claim that men drive them crazy, with their sex jokes, their golf days, their sports watching. But secretly, we like you for a lot of the same reasons that you infuriate us. You know, women: we can never just say what we mean!


That bloody-minded stubbornness, that determined independence – it's actually really sexy. We admire your Sinatra-esque resolution to find your own way. No map is going to tell you how to get to the mall! We like your masculine decisiveness. We like the fact that a man doesn't need to try on six shirts and show each of them to us to decide which one he wants. (Yes, if we were on the other side of that, it would drive us crazy too).


We just want to talk through our bad situation, and you try to solve our problem. Sure, we appreciate sympathy, but women really can wallow in it sometimes and eventually we do need to come up with some way to deal with the issue head-on. Your urge to fix things can become a useful brainstorming exercise. Just give a girl a little cuddling and commiseration before you suggest your five-point action plan.


When women are angry about something, we can get upset that you don't get caught up in our strong feelings. We think we want you to respond on the same level of intensity but, actually, no woman enjoys seeing a man get worked up. The man who listens, while radiating calm, is far more attractive. You will have to say a few words though, or we might think you've been possessed by the Dalai Lama.


There's a reason why the idea of "bromance" has been getting so much airtime lately – men and women are finally acknowledging the value of the close male friendship. The women in I Love You, Man knew it, and so do we: a man must have at least one guy-friend. If you have nicknames for each other, even better. If you have a photo of the two of you jumping naked on a trampoline in the snow, full marks. Seriously.


It's nice to see men get passionate. Your roars of excitement, your howls of despair, the way you focus in on those physically gifted men like they mean the world to you – it's hot. Women like to see men engaged with life; we like to see your eyes light up. It's also sexy if it happens when you’re talking about your work. So, not only is hating your job bad for your health, it's going to hurt your chances with the girls. A short 'poem' of advice: A man who moans will sleep alone.


Men and meat go together like a Neanderthal's pointy stick and a prehistoric rock rabbit. As accomplished as most women are in the kitchen, most of us have a mental block around carving, let alone BBQing. Trying to cook meat over flames is a tricky job, and women like to have more control, which is where manly confidence (blissful ignorance, and damn the consequences!) helps. Vegetarian men? Weird. But they do smell nice.


Chivalry has gotten a lot of flack recently. It's true that having every door opened for you, every chair pulled out for you will make most women feel claustrophobic. On the other hand, when a guy shoulders his way in front of you just to get through the door first, well, that's just plain rude. So feel free to express your inner white knight. A woman might want to pull out her own chair, but even the most independent of us likes somebody who will defend us, a man who says, "You should have got that job, the interviewer must have been a dope!" and "The city planning department was insane to put that pole where you couldn't see it in your rear-view mirror!"


No, it's not always healthy for you to keep your emotions bottled up – but we know that when a man is moved to tears he is really feeling something deeply. Watching a man wipe his eyes when he sees his niece sing her first solo at her school play, or seeing him get choked up at a reunion of a father and son in a movie – it's heart-wrenching, and in a good way. We will feel great tenderness towards you (tenderness, in woman-feelings, is only one lingering hug away from wanting to have hot sex with you).


There you go again, trying to have sex with us when we're barely awake and have morning breath. The truth is, even if we're not up for it, it's nice to know you still are. What woman doesn't love flattery? There's a magical math that happens in a woman's mind when her man makes his move: "He thinks I'm sexy, so I feel sexy, which reminds me -- he's sexy too!" Bottom line: horny guys are awesome. Also, most guys are porn-curious. So are lots of women, but we feel a bit awkward bringing it up. So, um, thank you for introducing us to Hot Nurses Go Wild.


Okay we're a little jealous, but we like the fact that gray hair makes a man look distinguished, not over the hill. Especially if that aging man is our partner and is sweet enough to call our wrinkles "laugh-lines". Older men with much younger women come across as though they're trying to recapture something long gone... well, as long as you’re having a good time, who cares? That’s another thing we like about men – your self-confidence, that ability to not give a damn. Lose your hair, but never lose that.

Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge Hair Salon Cambridge